Project Updates 12.11.16

Today was the last DEMONs meeting of the year. The crew was a little small today but we still got a lot done. 👍🏻👍🏻

LED Panel: Glued the last led panel. 🙂

3D Printer: Experimented with printer LBS. Worked with multicolored squares and printed a small sphere. Very close to printing actual projects – exciting!

Tables: 4 of the 6 tables have been covered by masonite tops. Good reusable and cheap protection for our workspace!

Musical Staircase: Received one Kinect module, noticed that it needs a USB adapter. Found software to interpret Kinect on Raspberry Pi. Found audio synthesizer software. Flashed new SD card for Raspberry Pi. We have a clearer vision for how the Musical Staircases will work.



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