Project Updates (11/6/16)

Riding off of post-SAT high and extra energy gained from daylight saving, DEMONs made progress on several projects today:

Organization: took the electronic cart from the beta space up to the maker space. Found our collection of resistors and put them with the other electronics parts in the maker space. Found Arduinos and tested them out (all of the work!). We are ready for the Arduino programming course next Sunday.

-Finalize Sunday workshop.
-Sorting resistors according to resistance values (and other electronic components) into containers
-Organizing the rest of the miscellaneous electronic parts in boxes.
-Parts, tools, and people “inventory”

3D Printer table: put on the supports for the shelf.

-Put on the shelf

3D Printer: unclogged T1 extruder, worked on T0 extruder. T0 does not appear to be clogged but only ninjaflex would work through. Can’t unclog head! Ninjaflex runs through ok, but no other filament goes through.

-Fix the gear knocking back problem for T0 when try to extrude not ninjaflex filament
Maybe Skype in to Lulz support next week at club block.

Light Panels: Looking good! Final solders for power cable, glued edges of one of the panels, routed wires for neatness, one of two power supplies tested and installed.


Incufridge: Made progress on the Pi! Realized that one of the SD cards is corrupt: needs new SD card. Sized the cover for the electronic. We’ll get one from Adafruit that includes the OS or install OS on existing SD card.

-Get Raspbian Working with incufridge app.
-Sort out electronics

CNC: successfully engraved a CA Chameleon (about 3″x 5″ into a steel plate). Leveling worked well! Next comes an adjustable-height work surface. We have a few shelves to move to make room for upcoming changes.


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