Project Updates (11/20/16)

Today DEMONs tidied up some projects going into Thanksgiving Break:

CNC Machine:

Cut our first Chameleon with the router. Learned a little more about speed, depth-of-cut, etc. Success.

The CNC in the process of cutting out a Chameleon.


Ryan, Michael, and Mark with their product.


– Build that steel surface!

3D Printer:

No work was done on this today.

LED Panel:

Glued up control boxes, and sewed some panel edges that didn’t glue well. Began to design alternate hanging mechanisms (for when a tripod isn’t practical).


Got raspberry pi on the CA_Guest, but it *seems* the network is blocking ssh and telnet.

– Get tech support come over; maybe ClubBlock next week.

Growing lights:

Completed and ready for the plants in the hydroponics tower – see photo of the 6 strips of grow lights on and the mylar reflecting light back toward the hydroponics tower.



Did inventory of all the tools in room 115 along with specific locations of each one.


We are continuing to experiment with logos and visual identity.

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