Project Updates (11/13/16)

Today we had an introductory workshop on the Arduino micro-controller. The participating students learned about what the Arduino is and some basics to programming it. They were also given some fundamental knowledge on how the Arduino’s pins work and how they can be used for various purposes. There will probably be more workshops on the Arduino in the future. Here are some things for preparing it:

  • Make it more challenge based. Let students try to figure things out themselves using the knowledge and examples demonstrated to them.
  • Perhaps, the workshop can be a series spanning 4 Sundays. Every Sunday teaches new things and code and, between Sundays, students will try to solve challenges.

That aside, here are some project updates!

3D Printer table: DONE! Yaaayy!! 🍾🍾

3D Printer: Contacted LuzBot HQ. Recognized that the 3D printer did not work due to incorrect assembly procedures and that the ninja flex head cannot accept types of other filaments –> old problems solved! 🙂 However, new problems have arose as a result of the balancing of the 3D table.

– Recalibrate 3D printer

Incufridge: Faced problems of getting Raspberry Pi on the CA wifi network. Did get WiFi working fine on a mobile hotspot, at least. Progress.

– Contact CA Tech Support

Organization: Added more tools to the pegboard wall and added labels to make finding tools more convenient.

– Send wishlist of tools and things to DEMONs heads.
– Evaluate the list.

Design: Brainstormed this year’s DEMONs logo.

– Start working on potential logos so that the club can vote on the best one in the future.

CNC: Found that we had to execute a previously undone calibration process… all set now. Working toward an 8′ x 4′ scale Chameleon for routing, then plasma.

LED light panels: Electronically connected second LED panel and tested out power adapters for both LED panels. Tested light quality in respect to inputted amperage.

– Finish gluing edges and corners of both panels
– Close and glue control boxes
– Finish designing tripod mounting system

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