Project Updates (10/30/16)

We had a productive session this morning in DEMONs. Here some updates to what we did.

Organization: we took our containers of donated electronics from the computer lab into the maker space. Then, we organized them, recognizing certain things as usable, certain as monetarily valuable, and others with little monetary value and hence sorted to recycle.

– Organize remaining two boxes.
– Sort the usable parts we found so that they can be easily accessible.

LED Panel: We finished the soldering for one of the LED panels and tested it out with power adapters (works splendidly!). Other light panel is in the process of being glued together.

– We noticed that 18 volt adapter is significantly brighter than 16 volt adapter. We also have a 20 volt adapter with a non-standard connector we will need to change. Need to experiment with this and determine whether we need to buy new adapters.
– Get metal strips to support LED panels
– Glue LED panels together and prepare metal strip mount
– One panel has three LEDs without power (the LEDs themselves are good). If possible, troubleshoot this
– Solder the other LED panel and test it out

3D printer: We cleaned the printer bed and heads with alcohol.

– Further clean the head
– Figure out the alignment issues of the printer

CNC: Leveled a one foot by 18 inch pad. Almost got a fully engraved chameleon.

– Refine leveling issues of CNC
– Build an adjustable surface for adjustable height

Light Tower: We made it 3D. Completed wooden structure for the tower.

– Attach the lights

Incufrigde: Hooked up system to the school server. Reorganized client with TCP connection. Added commands. Created new interface called Incufridge app (a Graphic User Interface).

– Get raspberry pi
– Test it out with current system

Arduino Workshop: found about 4 or 5 Arduino’s.

– Test them out so that we can know what we’re going to use for workshop next week.

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