Project Updates 10.7.18


Currently dissembling the hover craft, there are plans to make a hovercraft v2.

The exercise bike has been dissembled to make room in the basement maker space.

3D Printer:

Spindles are being printed for WoolPack

Lego blocks that can connect 2 different sizes of legos for Chris Rowe.

Film Trailer:

Justin Bull has requested that Demons design and construct a storage system for a trailer to keep film equipment in.


The English Department requested a loom, as seen in the Odyssey, be built for the freshmen english classes. At the moment it is being prototyped.


The Musical Staircase project has just acquired two new webcams in replace of the previously used xbox kinect.

Vinyl Cutter:

Shapes are being cut to organize the tool wall in the fabrication labs, and a new monitor stand is being built to improve the vinyl cutter’s usability.

Ancient Drill:

Alex Lee found a drill from the 1940s and is now attempting to make it work again.

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