Incufrige Update (10/23)

Here’s what we did today:

The server now works as a direct connection between the client and the incufridge. We were successfully able to send messages across the internet. Now the TCP code on the incufridge needs to be integrated into the rest of the incufridge code so that it can actually access things like the temperature.

We also have to begin work on an application for the human to use to communicate. I think we’re just going to create an app that the user downloads onto their computer instead of using a website to avoid security problems with anyone being able to connect to a website.

What’s working with the server:

Handshake with either client or incufridge

Relaying messages from the client to the incufridge


Being able to both read and write (sending messages both ways)

Read information:

  • Current target temperature (“get_target_temp”)
  • Current temperature (“get_temp”)
  • Current running formula (“get_current_formula”)

Write information:

  • Set a new target temperature (“set_temp …”)
  • Set new formula (“set_formula …”)

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