Demons Update Log 03042018

After a brief hiatus, we return with some updates 🙂

3D Printing:

  1. A personal request from Erica M-B (’19)
  2. Battery covers for Justin Bull
  3. Continued making tetrahedral models for the science department

LED Panels:

  1. Made 5 RGB panels for theater, science, and visual arts department

CNC Mill:

  1. Three translational axes are fully functional and calibrated
  2. Programs can be run to cut things
  3. The rotational axis is in the tuning process

CNC Router:

  1. Machine and its electronics have been permanently installed in beta space
  2. Has been successfully used to cut large shapes out of plywood
  3. More effective dust collection currently in the works

Musical Passage:

  1. Converted previous project from Python 2 to Java
  2. Switched from Kinect sensor to custom circuitry with Arduino

Camera stand:

  1. Exists
  2. Works?

Foam Cutter:

  1. Making foam cast for DEMONs sword (to go with shield)

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