Dreamers, Engineers, Mechanics, and Overt Nerds

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We’re an engineering club at Concord Academy that focuses on building projects for our community. Since 2004, we have made musical instruments, recycling carts, film equipment, wave pendulums etc. Our products are widely used in the school.

STEP 1: Contact Us

Tell us what you would like to have made.

STEP 2: We build it

You provide the funds and parts. We provide the labor and expertise.

STEP 3: We Ship the Product

You’ve got yourself the customized thing you always wanted!

Latest Updates

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Project Updates 11.4.2018

Project Updates 11.4.2018

Plasma Cutter : Assembling the structure of the cutter while enjoying the sunshine. 3D Printer: Because of an unexpected clot...

Project Updates 10.7.18

Project Updates 10.7.18

Deconstructing: Currently dissembling the hover craft, there are plans to make a hovercraft v2. The exercise bike has been dissembled...

Demons Update Log 04082018

Demons Update Log 04082018

3D Printing: Completed stamp prototypes for CASA & ceramics club