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We’re an engineering club at Concord Academy that focuses on building projects for our community. Since 2004, we have made musical instruments, a plasma gantry, film equipment, wave pendulums etc. Our products are widely used in the school.

STEP 1: Contact Us

Tell us what you would like to have made.

STEP 2: We build it

You provide the funds and parts. We provide the labor and expertise.

STEP 3: We Ship the Product

You’ve got yourself the customized thing you always wanted!

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Drawing With The Plasma Gantry

Drawing With The Plasma Gantry

DEMONs has been working on making a plasma gantry. Before we finish it up, we wanted to commemorate our progress,...

Rick In Chocolate

Rick In Chocolate

We converted an image of Rick Hardy into a scalable file, and then used our laser cutter to etch it...

Glow-in-the-Dark Eliza

Glow-in-the-Dark Eliza

Hacking around with a 3D scanning tool (Structure – attaches to an iPad, uses iPad’s camera and its own IR...